Rodman Amiri - Merit Real Estate

"I first met Jenny in about 2014 as a prospective client.  After about a year in their home, they asked me to sell it.  I walked in and all I could say was WOW.  Jenny took this dark, brown, and gold-accented Mediterranean house and turned it into a lovely and cozy beach cottage.  Honestly, the best thing I can compare it to would be the lobby of a 5-star hotel.  Then again, Jenny is a 5-star stager and designer.  Five or Six transactions later, I can tell you that the biggest selling point whenever I put their house up for sale was the staging--or at that point is it just their natural home decor?  If you don't believe me, the facts don't lie!  I was able to get a higher price than new construction identical to theirs, on their last townhouse.  Buyers would just walk in, and with the way Jenny had it designed, everyone was in love.  Numbers don't lie...when something lived in sells for more than something new, there must be some sort of magic touch!  Well, to end, Jenny has that magic touch to get you more for your house."

"As a Realtor, sometimes it is bittersweet as to whether you are going to recoup the costs you put into marketing and promoting a listing.  Luckily, with Jenny and Simple Coast Staging and her incredible taste, I have been able to sell all my listings that I teamed up with her on, within a matter of days.  The great part is, not only have they sold in days, but they have sold for record-breaking prices for the neighborhood.  It would be silly to take on another listing without her assistance.  Her personal touch to each home is very hard to argue as one of the top selling points... first impressions are everything!"

Niko Miranda-Lavertu - Merit Real Estate

"If you're reading this, you're doing it right!  All their furniture and decor is tastefully selected, perfectly in sync with the vibe of your home.  Our open house visitors LOVE their work!"


Rachel WACHOLDER - Sotheby's

"Jenny is one of those people who just has a gift for design.  It's not only a passion for her, but it's something that she was born with.  I've never met a person that can walk into a room, look around, and by the end of the day have it completely transformed.  She understands how to use the space you have to maximize the room's potential and has an amazing way of encouraging you to make choices that will help sell your home, yet stay within your style and budget.  She is thoughtful, extremely hard working and a pleasure to work with.  As a real estate agent there is no one else that I would recommend above her when it  comes to selling your home."

Robyn Biener & Alicia Greene-Holenstein - Sotheby's

Jenny Kropp of Simple Coast Staging has been a dream to work with.  She is able to jump into a jumbled mess and transform it into a perfect show home using upscale furniture combined with some pieces that the homeowner had.  She has a great checklist for the owner to follow in order to depersonalize their home so that buyers can focus on the great space and floor plan.  On new homes she has also provided high end furniture pieces and accessories to show off the style of the home and how furniture would layout in a room.  We can't say enough good things about Jenny's talents and good taste.  we would highly recommend her to any realtor or homeowner to make them look their best.